Fencing (EnviroSlat) Fixing Guidleines

Fencing (EnviroSlat) Fixing & Handling Guidelines 

Fencing (EnviroSlat)


It is important to ensure that EnviroSlat is not exposed to direct sunlight or excessive temperatures while stored in packs in order to reduce excessive heat build-up. EnviroSlat must be stored flat and dry and off the ground; Standard 4.8 metre long packs of EnviroSlat require a minimum of seven gluts (supports) under the pack or be placed on an appropriate length custom length pallet for proper storage. 

Working with EnviroSlat 

EnviroSlat will expand or contract in length with rising or falling temperatures. All boards should be conditioned before cutting so that they are at an even temperature. Boards are best cut in the shade before they are exposed to radiant heat, in the morning. 

When cutting lengths of EnviroSlat you should take in to account the temperature of the conditioned boards and allow for expansion or contraction of the boards based on the likely temperature fluctuations over the year at the site. You should allow for some expansion between boards that are butted together or where 
boards are butted against a post or other structure. We recommend a minimum 5mm gap between the end of 
an EnviroSlat board and any frame, fixed surface or another board.

EnviroSlat will expand by approximately 7-9mm (3-4.5mm at each end) over a board length of 4800mm based on a temperature increase of 40 degrees Celsius. The surface of EnviroSlat could be as much as 25 degrees Celsius warmer than the ambient temperature when subjected to continuous direct sunlight. Therefore the board could reach a surface temperature of up to 65 degrees Celsius on a day when the ambient temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius. 

Fencing/Screening Construction 

EnviroSlat is designed to be fixed directly to posts that are fixed in/on the ground. The posts can be made of timber, steel or aluminium and need to be of a suitable cross section and strength to hold the intended fence size/weight. 
Futurewood provides a range of 2400mm long black powdered coated aluminium fence posts in either 
30mm x 30mm, 50mm x 50mm or 65mm x 65mm as well as a 30mm x 16mm x 1800mm “U” channel 
specifically designed for use with the 70mm x 15mm EnviroSlat boards. 
- The maximum span for continuously fixing EnviroSlat boards is 800mm between support posts 
in order to minimize flexing caused by thermal expansion/contraction of the boards.

- For single spans the maximum distance between support posts is 600mm. 

Spacing between slats comes down to personal preference and the amount of privacy, shade and air 
flow that is required. 


Fixing - Decorative Cladding 

EnviroSlat decorative cladding boards can be fixed with 10 gauge countersunk screws inserted through the front face of the board. It is recommended that you pre drill and pre countersink all the holes for the screws.

All holes should be 1-2mm larger than the shank of the screw but not too large so that they 
are still hidden under the head of the screw.

Do not over tighten the screw and ensure that it does not bury in to the surface of the EnviroSlat board. Screws should be positioned a minimum of 25mm from any profile edge for the 70mm x 15mm profile and 15mm for the edge for 40mm x 30mm profile to avoid any risk of the boards splitting. 

Fixing – Fencing/Screening 

EnviroSlat boards can be fixed with screws inserted through the front face of the board (front fix) where the screw head will be visible. Button head, wafer head or countersunk screws in either 8 or 10 gauge should be used to front fix EnviroSlat boards. When front fixing it is recommended that you pre drill all the holes for the screws. If using countersunk screws both the hole and the countersink need to be pre-drilled. All holes should be 1-2mm larger than the shank of the screw but not too large so that they are still hidden under the head of the screw.

Do not over tighten the screw and ensure that it does not bury in to the surface of the EnviroSlat board.Screws should be positioned a minimum of 25mm from any profile edge for the 70mm x 15mm profile and 15mm for the edge for the 40mm x 30mm profile to avoid any risk of the boards splitting. When using the Futurewood aluminium “U” channel to hide the ends of the boards, screws can be fixed from the rear through the “U” channel. The “U” channel should be pre-drilled and the board is fixed with an 8 gauge x 10mm -15mm long coarse threaded button or wafer head wood screw. The “U” channel has a feint screw line on one face so that the screws can be lined up evenly from board to board. Take care to make sure that the “U” channel is fixed so that the face with the screw line is on the back side of the fence/screen. 
  • All screws should be plated or made from stainless steel or brass 
  • If coloured screws are required we recommend pre-painting your screws before installation 
  • EnviroSlat profiles should be fixed with one screw at each support point 
  • Nailing is not recommended for securing EnviroSlat 


Colour & Surface Finishing 

The colour of your EnviroSlat board will weather in the first 4-12 weeks of exposure to the elements. After the initial weathering process the colour will be maintained over many years with only very slight changes year on year. The manufacturing process does allow for a very slight variation in colour from board to board and batch to batch of material. Slight colour change may also occur over time as part of the natural weathering effect. 

Rough edges on cut ends can be removed using a fine abrasive paper. 


EnviroSlat should be washed down periodically with a strong solution of household detergent (“Handy 
Andy” works well) in order to clean off accumulated dirt/grime. 

If you have any questions, or would like a sample, get in contact with us.

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