Increase Your Property’s Privacy Without Compromising On Looks

EnviroSlat Fences & Screening Slats

EnviroSlat job Milford 2-475
affordable deck
Great Value For Money
install deck
Easy Installation
good decks
Superior Looks
sustainable decking
Proven Sustainability
low maintenance outdoor deck
Low Maintenance
Feature/Benefit Futurewood Decoboard Timber 
Standard Long Lengths (4.8 metres) check mark Standard random lengths
Resistant to Termites check mark x
Fully finished and ready to install check mark x
Very low maintenance check mark x
No cupping knot holes or splinters check mark x
Solid colour never needs painting check mark x
3 designer colours check mark x
10 year warranty check mark x
No sap runs or tannin leaching check mark x
Won't rot check mark x
Low water absorption check mark x
Looking to create a stunning EnviroSlat which is easy to install?
EnviroSlat Fixing Guidelines:
Colour & Surface Finishing 

The colour of your EnviroSlat board will weather in the first 4-12 weeks of exposure to the elements. After the
initial weathering process, the colour will be maintained over many years with only very slight changes year
on year. The manufacturing process does allow for a very slight variation in colour from board to board and
batch to batch of material. Slight colour change may also occur over time as part of the natural weathering

Rough edges on cut ends can be removed using a fine abrasive paper. 
Cleaning EnviroSlat should be washed down periodically with a strong solution of household detergent (“Handy Andy” works well) in order to clean off accumulated dirt/grime.

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