Commercial Projects

The Futurewood decking offered a high-quality low-maintenance solution and was available in the perfect colour to complement the project's colour palette.

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Speaking with Erik Jorgensen, the developer for this project, he stated he was looking for a specific coloured product to match the colour palette of the project. He had heard about Futurewood and after receiving his sample pack and completing some research, he settled on Futurewood Slate Grey.

This was the first time Erik had used Futurewood boards and he was struck by the consistency of quality and ease of installation.

Other features such as the low maintenance, non-slip surface and 15-year warranty solidified Erik's decision to use Futurewood for this stunning project. Futurewood is the only composite decking that offers a 100% warranty over a 15-year period in New Zealand.

This was an extensive use of Futurewood decking from walkways to stairs to balcony decks highlighting Futurewood's versatility. Erik is looking forward to using Futurewood again on his next project.