Composite Decking Specifications

Futurewood Decking Specifications

Width Thickness Length Lengths per pack Lin./m per pack Weight per pack
138mm 23mm 5400mm 56 302.4 1156.4kg

Physical, Mechanical and Thermal Properties

Tensile Strength D638 1806 12.45
Bend Strength D790 3084 21.26
Bend Modulus D790 275181 1897.31
Flexural Strength D6109 2781 19.17
Flexural Modulus D6109 302032 2082.44
Nail Withdrawal D1544 802
Water Absorption D1037 1.26%
Density D792 1.2 - 1.3 g/cm3
Shore D Hardness GB2411-80 68

Available Colours

Futurewood is available in 7 standard colours: Slate Grey, Ash Grey, Chocolate, Walnut, Salt Bush, Sandstone and Mahogany.
composite decking colours

Note: The weathered effect occurs over the first 4-12 weeks that your deck is exposed to the elements. Colours shown are a printed representation only. Actual colour samples are available on request.
Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

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