Residential Projects

We work with a variety of architects / clients on residential projects ranging from small alterations to major new projects. Approx. 500 projects completed in the last few years.

Both builder and client were pleased with the look, speed of installation and durability of the Futurewood decking which comes with a 15-year 100% replacement warranty.

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Former rugby player, Glenn Marsh's outdoor area was old and lacking character. His kwila deck was rotting, splintering and an eyesore. Something had to change. Glenn was looking for a product that boasts versatility, style and that would add value to the property. After research into suitable options, he found Futurewood, a product that exceeded his expectations.

After some sound advice from Futurewood, Glenn met with Sam from Specialist Building Services. Sam assured Glenn that he was able to install Ash Grey Futurewood decking boards much faster than other traditional decking materials.

"I really like the look of the product and how quickly it goes down, says experienced builder Sam. "It is great to see the outcome" - a true testament to the high quality and functionality of Futurewood.

Glenn is equally impressed with the final look of his new 80m deck, which includes several small sections of steps down into his yard and a new section of decking for an outdoor dining area. "After seeing my brother's Futurewood deck, I knew I wanted to use Futurewood," commented Glenn. Both Glen and Sam are ecstatic with Futurewood's 15-year 100% replacement warranty, an offer other suppliers find hard to match.